Where to begin, where to begin....


Hello there LJ world. It's been a while my old friends. Now, to catch you all up on the past two years-ish....I have a feeling this will best be done in bullet point style.

- Moved to Boston, I think that is where we left off....and now am a happy resident of Cambridge. Good times, good times.

- Gavin successfully transferred from BU Law to Harvard Law. He is doing very very well for himself, and got a Job offer from one of the biggest Law firms in Boston. A smart one he is. I think I hitched my wagon to a good guy.

- I'm in my second year of my Masters Degree at Brandeis University. LOVING IT. It feels really great to be back in a classroom, reading, writing and generally doing what I love. This fall I am applying to Ph.D. programs which is proving to be nerve wracking and exciting all at the same time. We shall see if I come out of this process alive.

- A paper of mine has been accepted at the Blackfriar's Shakespeare Conference 2011. I am still kinda shocked about it. I've really never felt like an academic thus far, and now, it just seems all the more real.

- We got a pet Bunny. Thought it was a he and named it Rory Pond. Found out it was, in fact, a girl. Kept the name. She is made of win.

Other than that, life has been business as usual. Every once in a while I feel so surreal that I am in Boston, living here and working here. NYC used to be a constant and now I feel like that is changing, and I am not entirely sure how to feel about that.

More updates to come.
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zombie jesus

Just a quick vent...

Fuck you, you little fucking crybaby.

You need to grow the fuck up and deal with your issues, and stop ruining everyone else's good time because they are not coddling you. Don't spread shit about people when you can't take it yourself.

You've awakened a great anger in me, and hope, pray, that it dissipates before I see you again...or I may wind up losing my shit and something I love to boot.

Decisions, Decisions

So, I guess being stuck in a rut at work really helped me clear my head and sort my stuff out....Well then, time to apply for Grad school.

That's right, I said it....GRAD SCHOOL (bum bum buuuuuuuum)

So, if I work hard, study, revise writing samples, get letters of recommendation, write personal statements and take the requsite tests I can make all of the December and January deadlines without giving myself too much of a nervous breakdown.

And I think I'll put out the APB for all the schools in the are who have in interesting English program...
UMass: Boston
Harvard (yes, Harvard...cause why the hell not?!)

and I think I am bound to get into one of them...right?

Only time will tell.
Excited, oh yes.


Tonight I learned that I am a very angry and bitter person on the much so, that I almost bit through my lip...need to work on that....oh yes need to work in a very certain way....

Wish I was healthy, that would help.

Updates a-go-go

So, I guess it is getting to be that time in my life in which I update this thing. You know, I always tell myself that I will and then I never don't...not that I don't have the time or anything...but I just don't.

As I sit here watching Pee Wee's Big Adventure, I feel a sense of calm and slight surreality surrounds me.

It looks like come the end of August I am Boston bound.....I still don't know how that feels in my head. At turns exciting, nauseating, terrifying and interesting. It will be an interesting and welcome shift of people and scenery. I just have a feeling of holding my breath at the whole thing. An anticipation...will I flounder? Most likely a little, and that is to be expected. Odd taste in my mouth. Sorry for the mind wanders sometimes.

But yeah, I come.

Das Uber Friday

I did stupid things tonight...which is exactly what was needed....

Got angry and dealt with it....almost went down to Coney Island, evenin this weather, to see the beach and the inevitable ice.

Got angrier, and decided that this weekend will be a going out weekend....because....

and that is that...

The greatest Christmas Present ever

So, yeah, at the Holiday Party this weekend, surround by some amazing people I proposed to Gavin.

And he said yes.

I Proposed. The answer was yes.

I am so so so so so very luck, and amazed.

We decided that we are going to wait for a while until we get all settled into our individual lives, with grad school and carreers and such and then we are going to start a life together. It is the best idea, and the more I think about it, the easier this three or more years of Grad school and stuff seems, cause I have something truly amazing waiting for me.

I love him so much. And that yes was the best Christmas Present Ever.

Angelo FTW